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4T-DLT community

Let’s work together to consolidate the so-called "4 Trust" elements (4 Ts) and define the standardisations to build the basis for a trustworthy Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) infrastructure. To achieve this, we need passionate individuals with an interest in pushing the agenda forward with drive and enthusiasm - we need you!


About 4T-DLT

The 4T-DLT initiative emerged from digitalswitzerland's Leap innovation programme in 2019.  4T-DLT explains the four pillars of  a trusted Swiss infrastructure for digital data: Configuration, Consensus, Custody and Transaction.

Under the umbrella of digitalswitzerland, the approach of federative and collaborative innovation is being pursued to create an open repository for the technical and legal information, definitions and standards that will enable a secure, interoperable and reliable Swiss DLT infrastructure. 

About the whitepaper

In their recently published whitepaper, which is divided into the 4 Ts, the authors provide fundamental information for the technical and legal framework for building and operating a secure, interoperable, reliable and trustworthy digital infrastructure. The whitepaper hence serves as a navigation guide and a source of knowledge for users, advisors and authorities.

Download the whitepaper

How to join us?

Are you interested in...

  • further developing the Swiss DLT Infrastructure?
  • staying up-to-date with the 4T-DLT project?
  • connecting with like-minded peers of the DLT ecosystem?

If you answered one or more of the above with Yes, then, you should definitely be part of the 4T-DLT community!

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If you have any questions, please contact us at leap@digitalswitzerland.com

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