Your organisation's commitment
to upskilling during Digital Day

The Digital Day 2021 will be preceded by six weeks of dialogue and learning activities.
By reaching a very high number of Swiss citizens, we can have a real impact on the upskilling of the Swiss population.


What is the commitment to upskilling during Digital Day?

  • We would like your company to dedicate 1 to 4 hours to all or a selected group of employees to engage
    in Digital Day 2021 activities
    (courses, discussions, or others) during the 6-week pre-phase (29.9 - 9.11).

We will be announcing the partners who have committed on 29 September during the Digital Competitiveness Summit in Lausanne.


What you will get by committing now:

  • High visibility during the Digital Competitiveness Summit (29 September)
  • A great chance to upskill your employees and the Swiss population


Are you interested in officially committing to upskilling? If yes, please click this box and we will send you further information.




More information


To have more information on the commitment concept, please download the document below.

For any questions, please contact:


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