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Every year we identify Digital Shapers. Those are the people who shape Switzerland by using digital tools and technology to the benefit of our country and the people living in it.


In 2020 we have the following categories:

  • The Transformers: People who transform a physical business into a digital one
  • The Scalers: People who lead a relatively young but successful international business in the digital field
  • The Investors: People who invest to give digital ideas a breeding ground
  • The Thinkers: Researchers, think tankers, authors, bloggers who contribute to a positive digital change
  • The Mentors: People who educate, enable, spread ideas and share knowledge
  • The Infrastructure-Builders: People who contribute to a solide digital infrastructure in order to allow digital change. Includes politicians & administration.
  • The Fintechers: People who help to advance the Swiss Fintech sector
  • The Sustainers: People who support a sustainable Switzerland by developing or using digital technology
  • The Creatives: People who use digital transformation to further develop art, gaming, culture...
  • The Corporates: People who are the driving force in a corporation to ensure visionary digital practices


Thank  you very much that you have submitted your nominations.