Nomination Digital Shapers 2021

 In cooperation with BILANZ, Handelszeitung and a top-class jury we are selecting
the 100 most important Swiss Digital Shapers 2021! 


In 2021 we have the following categories:

  • The Decentralisers: People who advocate decentralized data systems and promote and operate solutions and innovations in the field (Includes aspects and further developments of the blockchain.)
  • The Naturalists: People who use digital transformation for the sake of protecting, monitoring or enhancing nature
  • The Transformers: People who transform a physical business into a digital one
  • The Scalers: People who lead a relatively young but successful international business in the digital field
  • The eMedics: People who use digital transformation to enhance different aspects of wellbeing, health and medicine
  • The Robot Masters: People who create, enhance and/or further develop robotic systems
  • The Creatives: People who use digital transformation to further develop art, gaming, culture... 
  • The Infrastructure Builders: People who contribute to a solide digital infrastructure in order to allow digital change. Includes politicians & administration.
  • The Coders: People who create codes, juggle with them, redefine them and enable great things with them.
  • The Cybersecurity Guards: People who, with protective solutions, regulations, awareness-raising and innovations in cyber space, enable us to move safely and not be victims of cyberattacks



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