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Invitation for Virtual Exploration Workshop Series on

How can Technology enable a more sustainable development in Switzerland and beyond?


At this Exploration Workshop Series with the support of EY & Microsoft we want to connect, enrich and disrupt with ideas from the ecosystem to create collaborative projects that will make Switzerland and the Swiss economy more resilient, stronger and sustainable in the long run. 


The aim of the Exploration Workshop Series focusing on Technology enabled Sustainability & Circular Economy aims at identifying synergies and alliances between the participating organizations to enable us to jointly develop potential project ideas for solutions and to unleash the potential of technology and digital for a more sustainable development in Switzerland and beyond.


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Circular Economy in Urban Areas | Wednesday, March 17th, 13:30 - 15:30 ONLINE

Using key insights from the national initiative Circular Cities Switzerland (including actual material flow analyses), Marco Grossmann from ecos would like to explore ICTs potential contribution and develop concrete project ideas to support the circular transition in Switzerland. Public circular procurement has been identified as direct leverage point for cities in collaboration with companies to propel innovative solutions.


  • Challenge 1: given the most relevant material flows in Swiss cities, how may Technology and Digital best support a more sustainable and circular management of these flows? 

  • Challenge 2: how may Technology and Digital actors and public authorities jointly use public circular procurement to create innovation partnerships?

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Accelerating Swiss Decarbonisation Through Digital Solutions | Wednesday, March 24th, 08:30 - 10:30 ONLINE

Together with the topic expert Lukasz Biernacki & Daniela Albuquerque of the Institute for Climate Leadership we will focus on the main challenges for transparent, systematic and comprehensive disclosure of climate and environmental data by Swiss companies. The goal is to identify and to jointly create ideas on how to reach Switzerland's goal of zero net carbon emissions by 2050. 


  • Challenge 1: how can Digital Technology help effectively monitor and communicate decarbonisation progress of Swiss companies?

  • Challenge 2: how can Digital Tools help foster cross-sectoral collaboration and facilitate the exchange of carbon data to decarbonise corporate value chains?

👉🏽Check out our Blogpost to discover more on how digital solutions can accelerate decarbonisation.


AI for Sustainability | Monday, April 12th, 14:00 - 16:00 ONLINE

Topic experts and challenges are soon to be announced - stay tuned! 💥


Deadline for applications: First come-first served


After workshop registration, we will reach out to you personally to understand your strategic focus and challenges with the goal of making the workshop as beneficial to you as possible! If you have any questions, please contact us at leap@digitalswitzerland.com


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enables organisations to harness the power of collaboration.

*The number of participants in workshops is limited to 20 persons. The principle "first come, first serve" applies.




The health and safety of the community are of the utmost importance to digitalswitzerland. The workshops will take place digitally. 

Either way, we look forward to a fruitful exchange with you!