Accelerating Transversal Innovation

Learn2Leap is a distillation of the key learnings from over 40+ transversal projects and our work with well over 200 innovators. With this programme, you get relevant insights, applicable methodologies, and hands-on tools to incite and accelerate transversal innovation through the Leap Platform.

The self-paced learning programme is delivered through short video sessions, alongside tools and templates for direct application in your team. Learn2Leap is free for all employees of digitalswitzerland member organisations. Optional paid coaching and academic deep dives are available through our academic partners and innovation experts. 

Three Modules on Transversal Innovation 

Learn2Leap is composed of three complementary modules to help your team initialise and execute transversal innovation.

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Meet Your Course Leaders

Learn2Leap features the latest insights from leading Swiss academics and innovation experts. 

Prof. Dr. Thomas Gutzwiller

Academic Director, Henri B. Meier Unternehmerschule University of St. Gallen. CEO and Executive Chairman of The Information Management Group (IMG).

Matthias Mölleney

Lecturer for Leadership & HR Management at the Executive School of the University of St. Gallen. Founder & Managing Partner at peopleXpert.

Tobias Pforr

Lecturer for Innovation Management at the University of Applied Science in Lucerne. Founder & Managing Partner RedRock.

Prof. Dr. Patrick Link

Professor for Product Innovation at the University of Applied Science in Lucerne. Co-Founder TriHow.

Patrick Bucheli

Lecturer for Agile & Requirements Engineering at the University of Applied Science in Lucerne. Head Product Engineering SwissQ Consulting.

Yves Karcher

Program Lead, CAS Agile Product Engineering at the University of Applied Science in Lucerne. Founder & CEO InnoExec.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get more detailed information about the Learn2Leap Programme.

What is the Learn2Leap Programme?

Learn2Leap is a self-paced learning programme that empowers project teams to incite and advance transversal innovation. It is composed of three complementary modules to help your team initialise and execute transversal innovation.

The Programme features insights from leading Swiss academics and innovation experts hailing from institutions such as the University of St.Gallen and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. The Programme is operationally led by the Leap Platform under the umbrella of digitalswitzerland

How is Learn2Leap related to the Leap Platform?

Leap, as the Swiss platform for multi-stakeholder innovation, enables organisations within the digitalswitzerland ecosystem to harness the power of collaboration to create value for economy and society. The Learn2Leap Programme is based on learning of transversal projects that were empowered by the Leap Platform within the digitalswitzerland ecosystem. The aim of the programme is to distill these insights to provide targeted support for existing or aspiring transversal innovation projects within the Swiss ecosystem. If you are pursuing a transversal innovation project, you are encouraged to reach out to the Leap Team for an initial conversation about how we might be able to support. 

Learn more about the Leap Platform here.
Reach out to the Leap Team here

Who has access to the Learn2Leap Programme?

The programme is exclusively for employees of digitalswitzerland member organisations and is offered free of charge. 

If you are from a non-member organisation looking for access to Learn2Leap, please contact us here


How is Learn2Leap structured?

The insights are delivered through short video sessions, additional reading material alongside tools & templates for direct application. It also contains optional assignments provided by the academic and innovation experts to apply the insights you’ve learned.

Kindly note that the assignments should be completed within your project teams. There is no possibility to upload the assignments for grading by our experts. 

What is my time commitment?

Learn2Leap is a highly-compact learning programme featuring approximately 4 hours of online lectures. In additional, there are several optional assignments and supplementary readings. 

Where do I find more information on optional paid courses?

Optional paid coaching is available for those teams that want to get an extra kick.

Available deep dives into the knowledge can be made through our academic partner offerings. Specifically:

CAS Leadership Development Program (HSG)
CAS Advanced Management Program (HSG)
Beyond Leadership Programme (HSG)
CAS Design Thinking (HSLU)
CAS Agile Product Engineering (HSLU)


Where can I get further help in executing my transversal project?

Leap focuses on the execution of transversal innovation by offering organisations a fast-track to test and initialise multi-stakeholder innovations through the digitalswitzerland network. 

To find out how we may support your project, please get in touch by contacting us here or book a call directly here.

How can I contribute to Learn2Leap as an academic institution or as an innovation expert?

Learn2Leap combines insights from leading academics and innovation experts across a wide range of disciplines - all with the intent of advancing collaborative innovation in Switzerland. If you are interested in contributing to the learning-programme, please feel to reach out to us here